With our vast amounts of experience working with the Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Automated Logic, and EasyIO control lines, coupled with our deep knowledge of the Tridium platform, The Mid-State Solutions Group has the flexibility to design building automation systems for any industry. With this background and our team’s experience with many other product lines we are able to confidently provide the services below.

The Mid-State Solutions Group Services

System Design

After the project has been awarded, System Design begins. This service includes project drawings complete with an associated submittal for approval. After project completion, as-builts and O&M manuals complete this service.


All Mid-State Submittals include the following: Submittal Cover Sheet, Title Page, Table of Contents, Symbols and Details Page, Network Riser, Sequence of Operations, Flow Diagrams, Panel Layouts, Wiring Diagrams, Bill of Materials, Equipment Schedules, and Associated Submittal Datasheets.

Submittal drawings with any field installation changes.
O&M (Operations and Maintenance manual)
As Built-drawings, installation/maintenance documents for any items that were installed on the job.

Once designed, the programming portion of the project begins. Mid-State programming engineers will begin reading through the project documents to develop a full project database. Equipment logic, OEM integration, alarm configuration, and scheduling are just a few components that go into this process.


One of the most important pieces of any BAS is the customer interface in to their system. Aesthetically pleasing graphics provide a snapshot of the inter-workings of the building. All graphics are custom designed to represent the actual equipment to which your BAS is controlling.

Project Support

Our team is here to help answer any questions about our engineered package. Whether it be during installation, start-up, or commissioning, MSG is here at each stage of the process and our team will help you through the process as needed.

Project Take-Offs

For estimating purposes, Mid-State offers project take-offs. You will be assigned a consultant that will work with you to review your project drawings and specifications and compile a proposed system layout. After this process is complete, a full project Bill of Materials will be provided for you to include in your project estimate.

Design Consulting

Whether you are a building owner, fellow controls contractor, or engineer, and you are in need of a technological resource, Mid-State is here to help consult you on your wants and needs.

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    The Mid-State Solutions Group aims to provide a quality, on-time, engineered solution to your company’s most difficult automation challenges.


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